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Performers on the bandstand are expected to take chairs from the stoiree and return them when usin the bandstand. On Sunday 12 May the band found it extremely difficult to get at the stored chairs in the underground arches dur to the jacks and scaffolding supporting the roadway above. The chairs were stacked between the supports and required persons to climb in between the supports and form a chain to pass the chairs out and return them after the event . This is unacceprtable and constitutes a health and Sfety risk . On building sites personell have strict conditions for working in hazardous areas including hard hate . No consideration has been given to members of the public havibng to clamber amongst the scaffolding in dirty and cramped conditions . One of the band members helping sustaines a minor head injury and his shoe was irrepairably damaged when it was caught on a scaffolding clip and tor the heel off !.. In addition the chairs were dirty and the whole storage area was and is quite unacceptable if the public are expected to extract the chairs in dangerous conditions . . If we are expected to collect our own chairs then they must be easily accessable without clambering around in the described conditions . I would expect an on site appraisal from the designated H & S officer and a report of what will be done to correct this situation immediately . Compensation for personal damage is also required .

Reported anonymously at 10:52, Tue 14 May 2019

See the complaint above. I have photos of the area and shoe damage which I will submit when I hear a response.. I do not wish to be unhelpful but with weddings and a full season of bandstand concerts involving out of area entertainers the current storage facilities are dangerous and will give a bad impression of the Bath Council .