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The 3 drains are blocked to the limit on Millbrook Place and the Slot Drain in the pavement on Claverton Street is also blocked. There is mud on the pavement from the slot drain blockage.

Reported anonymously at 10:43, Mon 28 October 2019

There is no drainage on the area outside the big block of renovated flats at the top of Milbrook Place (the Old School development) and hence when it rains the water comes in a torrent down Millbrook over the blocked drains and into the street at the bottom of Prior Park Road. This torrent carries with it stone, gravel, mud and debris from the unfinished sides of Millbrook and a rough parking bay at the back of the top of the Aga shop. All this detritus deposits itself onto Claverton Street further blocking the pavement and Slot Drain. The water then rushes around the corner to the gully outside our front shop door at 2 Prior Park road. This gully also fills up continuously with the leaves from the trees in the front of the Church on the other side of the round a bout. TO THE EXTENT THAT we have to keep it clear in case of rain when it will form a puddle outside the other door to our shop (on Prior Park) and also across the area where the public are directed (not very clearly) to use as a pedestrian crossing. We clear the gully at the risk of being knocked down as there is traffic coming to the round a bout continuously. We use Hi Vis coats when we do this but the situation is risky. When there is a traffic queue across the round a bout, because the traffic lights are on red,which there is regularly, the cars cut the corner very fast and so cannot see us or any one else. I am thinking about talking to the church to see if they would consider taking down their trees. The leaves are blown off all day, every day, with the flow of the heavy trucks and buses that use this Round a bout. I would really appreciate it if an officer could come to the site to speak with us to see what can be done to limit the possibility of further flooding to our premises. We have fitted a threshold to the door to help the problem but all the drains really need to be completely unblocked at the bottom of Millbrook and the slot . Many thanks Sue.