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Somebody has distributed rubbish along Lorne Road/14, 18 Brougham Hayes. Ironing board, black bags of rubbish, some emptied along the path and along the piece of wasteland running alongside 18 Brougham Hayes. There is domestic rubbish on the pavement outside 14a. It looks like a slum. The grass is long and very weedy. There are also emptied black bin liners further down Lorne Road. The problem of litter is very bad here and older residents have said they are embarrassed to mention that they live in Brougham Hayes, what with the rubbish and seagull mess and noise. People treat the area like a litter dump. It would be great to have an anti-litter campaign and also anti seagull. People still feed pigeons and seagulls by the river and in the centre of Bath.

Reported anonymously at 17:37, Fri 3 July 2020

There is litter and fly tipping material along the side of 18 Brougham Hayes on the wasteland. There is an ironing board lying on the grass. The state of the piece of land encourages litter and tipping as it is full of weeds and the grass is insufficiently cut. When it was cut it was badly done and little care taken. There was no attempt to cut all of the grass just the main parts. There are huge weeds in the grass and along the edges of the pavement and further down Lorne Road. It makes the area depressing and encourages further misuse and litter dropping. There is litter debris left outside 14 Brougham Hayes along Lorne Road.