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Real time indicator

Reported by Tim Evans at 16:54, Wed 30 September 2020

Tim Evans Dear Sir or Madam, I write out of total frustration with the real time indicators on the number 2 First Bus route between Combe Down and the city centre. 1. "DUE" - When I arrive at the stop and see this I assume the bus is about to arrive, not that it left two minutes ago. 2. "15 MINUTES" - I arrive at the stop, pause and think I'll walk instead of waiting a quarter of an hour. So, I set off down Ralph Allen Drive and two minutes later the bus sails past me. 3. "10.25" - Time now is say 10.15. The next next bus is due at 10.25 so I wait. 10.25 comes and goes. The 10.25 announcement disappears and 10.55 appears in its place. I've been misinformed again. I set off on foot. Two minutes later the bus sails past. 4. REFER TO TIMETABLE" - There is no paper timetable. They've all been removed. Covid. 5. "SORRY MATE" - I catch the bus and as I board I ask the driver what's happening. She/He tells me it's the council's responsibility, not First's. 6. AND THE MAN FROM THE COUNCIL at Manvers Street One Stop Shop says: Go on the website. Look for "Fix My Street" and write your complaint. Is this right - I feel it isn't somehow. Anyway, I've done it. 7. WIDCOMBE AND TOWN CENTRE - Similar problems but perhaps not quite so bad. I know the council and the bus companies have many challenges at present for obvious reasons. But these issues have been occurring since long before the pandemic. They seemed to creep in not long after I moved to Combe Down in August 2018. The indicators worked well until then and could be relied upon.Now the indicators are worse than useless because they are unreliable.It can't be because of traffic congestion now since traffic levels have plunged.The public would be better served by switching them off altogether because they just cause frustration and annoyance.So now I just disregard them. a. Is the council aware of these problems? b. If so, can they be fixed and when