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Poor road condition

Reported anonymously at 17:17, Wed 20 October 2021

I reported this issue last year and nothing has been done. The entire section of ‘Keels Hill’ running down to Firgrove lane is covered in pot holes, at least 4 exposed manhole covers, and gritty poor road surface. The road becomes partially bad towards the bottom of the hill, making it very bumpy and slippy for vehicles and bikes etc. The tracking and suspension on my car has been destroyed by this section of road. I came off my road bike this time last year on the pot holes at the bottom of the hill and they are still there. I walk the road regularly too and have counted today at least 4 exposed manhole covers, one sticking up almost 4 inches out of the road. What do we the residents of this area have to do for BANESto resurface a road that has been in a very dangerous condition for years!? This road is exposed to heavy traffic all day long being the main access road to Hillside view, Carlingcott and other villages from Peasedown St John. Please could this road be inspected to be resurfaced. I have lived here all my life and the road has not been attended too properly in years. The hedge is usually so overgrown when you walk down the road you cannot get out of the way of cars without ducking under the hedge. The passing places are usually over grown too. The tracktor came two days ago and did it’s yearly hedge cut, but the large hedge running down the right hand side of the hill (looking down) is full of dead trees and bushes that overhang and regularly fall down. This hedge row needs serious attention too. Fallen branches regularly damage larger vehicles that pass down the lane. A large branch even fell and took out our power line last month on the hill and we had to go 6 hours without power with a 2 day old baby at home. I have about 20 photos from today and last year that I have taken that I’d be happy to share if needed. I think all the residents of this large area would be most grateful if this hill could finally get some attention.I look forward to a response